Concealed Carry in the Workplace

Concealed carry in the workplace is often against company policy, yet it is arguable that having trained, armed staff may decrease the probability of having an active shooter incident. It also increases the probability that the active shooter incident can be resolved quickly.

Concealed Carry In the Workp[lace

Many military installations, particularly National Guard and Reserve, don't have law enforcement resources on site. They also are somewhat secure which may lengthen the response time for civilian law enforcement to arrive. In an active shooter situation, time is not your friend.

There is a unique idea in this linked article about concealed carry/open carry in the Air Force. Many businesses have designated medical first responders who are trained to provide initial assistance during an emergency. These people can make the difference between life and death if a co-worker is having a medical emergency.

Perhaps businesses, even schools, could have designated employees who are trained to respond to active shooter and employee violence situations. This training could consist of a basic training, advanced training and re-currency training requirement with regular proficiency tests for skills, judgmental use of force and problem deescalation techniques.

The reality is that most shooters focus on soft targets. Having multiple layers of protection for your business, including this concept, may be enough to decrease the probability of having an incident occur.

The mantra of Run, Hide and Fight will always apply, but this order is dynamic and the situation may require you to Fight before being able to safely escape.

If you are in a situation that requires you to fight back, having every legal tool necessary is critical. Our military is specifically trained to fight back, why not give them the tools needed to maintain safety in their workplace?

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